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Dame Esther Rantzen, the founder of Child Line, said that children as young as 11 had contacted the service with concerns about pornography.

She said: ''Young people are turning to the internet to learn about sex and relationships.

''We know they are frequently stumbling across porn, often unintentionally, and they are telling us very clearly that this is having a damaging and upsetting effect on them.

''Girls in particular have said they feel like they have to look and behave like porn stars to be liked by boys.

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Welcome to tube, if porn is your passion then you are in the right place for sure.In the forests of southern India, a week-old king cobra must find his first meal.Despite being a literal “babe in the woods,” this little guy already possesses all the skills he’ll ever need to survive in the forest.If he makes it to adulthood, he could grow as long as 18 feet, about 15 times his current length.Using his keen eyesight and powerful sense of smell, the little King spots his prey, a small olive water snake.

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