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Delikadesa is a Spanish noun meaning tact or consideration in dealing with others.Filipino girls are brought up in an environment where you respect other people and a strong sense of family.You will find this country very interesting because of its history, culture and food. Because a filipino woman is trained to be a good wife from a young age. She is expected to carry the weight of the the family in many cases. They could be chiefs, they could do business AND they could divorce a man at will. There is still a fight for justice of filipinas, but they have succeeded even with all the odds stacked against them taking on powerful roles in business and politics.The biggest asset in the Philippines for bachelors is definitely the variety of pretty, petite ladies all over the country. Teaching girls to be good house wives seems to be a bit of a growing taboo in the Western world as women have had to fight to have the same jobs with equal pay as men and now face a complete change in roles and responsibilities. Out of (15) presidents in the Philippines (2) have been women.Donna said she first met Hall nearly 30 years ago and they became close friends for many years.“He was an excellent mentor, always encouraging young people to think for themselves and to follow their dreams,” she said. READ MORE: Canadian Robert Hall executed by Abu Sayyaf after ransom deadline expires Hall sold most of his possessions to buy a sailboat, which he sailed from B. to the Philippines, prior to being kidnapped last September.“He was extremely intelligent and articulate – had one of those minds that seemed to retain everything he read.”Donna said Hall moved back to B. According to multiple media reports, Hall had intended to sail to Thailand and had started dating a Filipino woman, Maritess Flor, shortly before the pair were abducted.

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This does not sound like many but compare this to the current number male US presidents (44) and female US presidents (0) as of 2015 (Maybe Hilary will change this in 2016).

All that being said, in the Philippines a woman’s most important role is the be a mother and a wife.

If you had to use a word to describe her, it would be delikadesa.

Delikadesa reminds me of the word 'delicate' when I read it and it is not that far from the real meaning.

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