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The laser systems in our lab generate invisible high power infrared laser radiation.

I probably do not need to explain that these invisible beams might be dangerous to the researchers.

We wear goggles to prevent damage to our eyes, but if the invisible beam would hit our clothing or skin it might cause serious accidents.

Lepton contains a breakthrough lens fabricated in wafer form, along with a microbolometer focal plane array (FPA) and advanced thermal image processing.

To configure the camera settings you also need an i2c port, although this is not required.

The PCB has the same size and mount holes as the standard raspberry camera Why did you make it?

The FLIR Lepton™ is the most compact longwave infrared (LWIR) sensor available as an OEM product.

It packs a resolution of 80 × 60 pixels into a camera body that is smaller than a dime.

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