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In the table below in a first column you will see official spelling (transliteration from Ukrainian language), then transliteration from Russian language.Next column shows other variants people use to find Ukrainian cities and towns (but remember, this is just misspelling and incorrect transliteration).Although the police in Kiev are no angels, they don’t, unlike their counterparts in Moscow, routinely pester foreigners for documents and bribes.We have never been stopped in the street by the police and very rarely see others being stopped and having their documents checked.At the age of 7 she immigrated with her family to Los Angeles, where she began taking acting lessons.After appearing in several television commercials, Kunis landed a co-starring role in the Fox sitcom Mila Kunis was born Milena Kunis in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi on August 14, 1983.At the age of 7, Kunis immigrated to the United States with her parents, Mark and Elvira, as well as her older brother, Michael, and eventually settled in Los Angeles.It proved to be a rough start for the Kunis family, who arrived in their new country with just 0 in their pocket.

There, she met Susan Curtis, a talent manager, who took the reins of Kunis's career and soon landed the young actress in a number of high-profile TV commercials.Next column shows population and last column is subdivision (in Ukraine there are 27 oblast).Prohibited import Prohibited export Prohibited to transit Audio and video materials Luggage Animals Veterinary Control Transportation of animals and birds Plants Quarantine Transportation of plants Export and import of Ukrainian and foreign currency Import (Ukrainian/Foreign currency, payment cards, bank documents) Export (Ukrainian/Foreign currency, payment cards, bank documents) Prohibited to import into Ukraine: Means of transportation that are 5 or more years old for permanent use on the territory of Ukraine, for selling or breaking into parts, except for cases mentioned above; Strong, poisonous, radioactive, explosive substances, other objects that can harm the population and animals or contaminate the environment; Printed materials, cliche, films, negatives, photos, movies, videos, computer disks, scripts, records and other audio recordings, drawings, and other printed materials that contain propaganda of war, racism, genocide etc; Objects (goods) that are prohibited to import by the Ukrainian legislature; Objects (goods) that are imported against the rules of industrial or intellectual property; Food products without the relevant certificate.The Instruction Sheet is the main document regulating the transportation of printed editions, scripts, scientific products, originals and copies of personal documents, and audiovisual materials by state departments, groups of people, organizations, as well as citizens of Ukraine and foreign states.Preview of all the data is required to avoid transportation across the border of the following: a) data protected by Ukrainian laws “On the state secret”, “On the data”, as well as other data considered as state secret; b) materials that provoke revolution, violation of territorial unity, state sovereignty and security, war, rape and violence, racism, religious discrimination, crime; c) materials that contain recipes for drugs and poisonous substances; d) pornographic and vulgar materials.

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