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In my early twenties, I lived a rock’s toss from several aquifer-fed swimming holes in Austin — places with names like Deep Eddy and Little Stacy; places that stayed below seventy degrees no matter the temperature outside.The Texas summer is an endless pest — like having a bully flick your ear from the bus seat behind you the entirety of a field trip — which means sanity requires a swimming hole.

If this letter reaches thousands of people, a quarter of them will ever see it, and some smaller percentage click through.But the current relief isn’t a result of Dallas affluence ditching its Bermuda grass lawns for cacti, or because Austin developers stopped sprouting up condos on Lamar Ave like bluebonnets in April — it was just a good, long rain.A rain that eventually flowed underground to the Edwards Aquifer: an unusual resource that buttresses the region’s ecosystem and the water needs of nearly two million residents, including a system of springs providing Texans with chilly relief from their oldest foe: the summer sun.The only way to reach people directly is to engage in things that grown people ought to find distasteful, while encouraging the streaming of your work on platforms that are a few decimal places away from outright theft.I could start an essay right here, but here's a draft of a poem instead.

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    Two Little Girls is a short animated film aimed directly at young women in Eastern Europe and other regions who are in danger of being sex trafficked. Government’s principal diplomatic tool to engage foreign governments on human trafficking.

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    If so, your DHCP server may not be configured to auto-register their IP with the DNS server.

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    It really took my whole life in a tailspin." The "Booty" singer has been with Smart on-and-off since 2011, but following her relationship with Diddy, she married her back-up dancer, Cris Judd, in 2001.