Dating scan nuchal scan

Unfortunately, in about 3% of women who attend for this scan, it is found that the fetus has died, often several weeks before and without any warning.If this has happened appropriate arrangements will be made.

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The NT scan cannot diagnose whether a baby has Down’s, it only estimates the risk.A nuchal translucency ultrasound (commonly called a “nuchal scan” or “NT scan”) is an ultrasound performed between 11.5 and 13 weeks 6 days gestation.It is usually part of an assessment called combined first trimester screening.During the scan we will measure the amount of fluid at the back of your baby’s neck (Nuchal Translucency).Using this measurement, along with the mother’s age, the age of the baby and the presence or absence of the baby’s nasal bone, a risk is calculated to determine the likelihood of your baby having a chromosomal abnormality. If the calculation gives you an increased risk, you may be happy to continue without further investigation or you may feel you want a more definite answer.

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