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Here is the basic overview MYSQL Server 5.1.41 on a windows vista machine MYODBC 5.1.6 VFP 9.0 sp2 on a toshiba satelite running XP To access the server I use shared connections as setting up a non shared connection can take 0.5 seconds as compared to a shared one that is Will take care of the error Also if you select less than 40,000 records then the error does not occur at all with the above query.This looks like a MYSQL problem to me as I can reproduce it in the MYSQL query editor. Execute an UPDATE and INSERT SQL statement directly off the db_con. Just don't forget to refresh your mst Rs recordset afterwards." id="ctl00_m_m_i_ctl00_gr_ctl01_bestanswerbody" class="textarea-bestanswerhidden" name="bestanswerbody" answerbody Id="991414" / Don't use your ADO instance recordset to do the update or insert (addnew).I have worked out on that and I can successfully read from Foxpro for this. is I have to write back to foxpro-for the updation of new employees so that their attendance cards can be read. Connection is opened, the recordset is read, but when i use update command-it gives me the error: Recordset doesn't support this property. This means that your transactions will be much slower, regardless of what operation you are undertaking.This is the piece of code that i'm using---- Dim DB_FOX As ADODB. You will have to perform all inserts and updates via SQL commands.If anyone is interested how to I will post that here.Overall it is workable and I tried now to improve performance an there is where the problems started.

If the data source is a text file or a spreadsheet, make sure that another user does not have it open for exclusive access. recordset.supports() and give the Cursor Type as the argument. Just don't forget to refresh your mst Rs recordset afterwards.With 22 years of application development experience in the PC industry for government, military, educational institutions, and private industry, David uses his experience relating Enterprise Architecture and Organizational Maturity to assist organizations in determining the most appropriate software processes for their needs.The Microsoft Visual Fox Pro team has a great reputation for responding to community requests and the next version of is no exception.

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